Blackberry Bold can recieve but not send on BES

New BB device that I have never laid hands on. Trying to activate it as normal through our BES. The guy can receive but not reply. What would be the likely cause? The AT&T people claim the enterprise activation is done.
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When you try and reply, does it give a little red X? Open the e-mail and scroll up.. what does it say? Most likely is a service book issue... if you are BIS log into the "Internet E-mail" link and resend the service books.
cajxAuthor Commented:
It gives a red X. My user claims there is nothing when he opens the email (I'll tell him to try again and scroll up). We're on a BES server. I resent the service book a couple of times ... no luck. Tried deleting and re-adding using  afew times. No luck. Other users are fine though.
cajxAuthor Commented:
OK, new info. The error msg is

"sent using desktop secure folder certificate
msg status: desktop email program unable to submit message"

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My guess is something with that "Secure Folder Certificate". Do you use certs in your BES deployment? I am rather unfamiliar with them myself :(

I assume everything worked for this user before the bold?
cajxAuthor Commented:
That sounded fishy to me too... i've never done anything except whatever is default.

If he had a curve before this (think he did) he was fine. otherwise he is a new user... sorry, been a long day
I'd start by opening Active Directory and making sure the BES service account has 'send as' rights to his account. The theory is if he worked before this shouldn't be the problem. If he is a new user then is definately something to check.

Then you need to go to Options > Security Options > General Settings and make sure under 'Services' it reads 'Desktop [SRP] (AES)' with SRP being your actual SRP address. If it says something else the user most likely has the redirector installed.

I'd be guessing its most likely send as rights though
cajxAuthor Commented:
We believe what happened was the end user tried to set up email on his own, and he used "personal emal" or whatever that option is. It was able to pull from our OWA website we think, but we don't allow other ports on our firewall to any IPs so it couldn't reply using IMAP or whatnot.

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