how to save solution SLn file in project folder only

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I am visual studio 2005.
right if I create any project then the project or solution (SLN) file get saved in Doc and setting/.... folder

Is there any way by which the solution gets saved within the project folder only
and also is there any by which i can view the line no while i am writing the code.
I have seen line in code view in some dot net vidoes
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In Tools->Options, Under 'Projects and Solutions', change the location of 'Visual Studio projects location' as required - this will save new solution .SLN files in the desired location.

To show line numbers, in Tools->Options, Under 'Text Editor', select the language, and select 'Line Numbers' in the Display section.

Hope this helps.


Hi Woodz

Thanks for your help.
if I choose Visual Studio projects location then the that location will be for all project which I will create
What  I want here is suppose if I create a new website on c:\website1 folder then the sln file get saved in c:\website1 folder only.
and later if I create a new project in d:\newporject folder then the sln file for this project gets saved under d:\newproject folder only.

When you select New Project, it will give you the different options for the type of program being created. At the bottom, there is a Location text field, that allows you to specify where the folder and sln file will be created. If you change this to the desired location, that single project and solution file will be created there. The only files created in Doc and setting/.... folder is the backup of the solution.

Hope this helps.

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