Problems with iManager and Printers post blackout

We have a Novell Netware 6.5 server with SP5.  Monday morning, it had some kind of event that caused it to restart.  Once it came up, iManager was not accessible ( comes up "PAGE CAN NOT BE DISPLAYED.") and all printers show up as "Not Available."

Since then, printers are back to normal but iManager is still not working.  I restored the Tomcat and Apache2 directories via tape backup last night: still nothing.

Does anyone else have a suggestion?  I will post more info if needed.

Thank you.
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Ghost96Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you look here?

I write without asking questions of any kind because I see this all the time with servers that are seldom restarted.  Everything comes back up minus iManager and printers that run on iPrint.  And people simply wonder why?  But their certificates expire without them knowing, which would cause behavior like this.

Tell me how good my guess is ;)
LionelR2D2Author Commented:
I really appreciate you trying to help me, Ghost.

When I type PKIDIAG at the console line, it prompts me for a (fully qualified) Log In name.  I type in admin (the ID I use for iManager) but the PW I use does not work.  What exactly is a "fully qualified log in?"

Thanks again.
Your context that the admin user is in...for instance:


Use the periods to show exactly where it is in the tree, like:



So in that diagram, it would show that admin is in the ".admin.location" for a fully qualified context.
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LionelR2D2Author Commented:
OK, when I ran it with the correct log in info, 2 problems were found:

1. The KMO SSL CertificateIP has expired.
2. The KMO SSL CertificateDNS has expired.

I ran it in fix mode, and it seemed to fix it, as no problems were detected. But even after I typed  load Apache at the console screen, iManager still will not work.  

Do I need to restart the server?

Thanks again, man.
Well if you can restart the server, go for it.  Else, you'd normally do what's listed in your autoexec.ncf for loading the stuff back up.

For example - make sure it's all unloaded by doing this:

unload apache2
tomcat4 -stop

then after all services stop... (look in the logger or wait about 1 minute) run these commands:


Wait another minute and everything should be back up.

Let us know how it works for you.
LionelR2D2Author Commented:
RATS!  Still no luck.  Looks like I'm gonna have to take her down early tomorrow and see what happens.  Will let you know results.

BudDurlandConnect With a Mentor Commented:
IIRC, there's utility that needs to be run to re-create Tomcat related cert material.  TCKEYGEN, I think...
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