I am looking for Remote Desktop Options for Mac Computer

I have a single person that uses a Mac computer and he will be working from a different office several days a week. I am looking for a Remote software for him to access his Mac from either another Mac or Windows XP. The software would need to have encryption and the ability to black out the screen of the Mac, so that people cannot see what he is doing on the computer from a remote location.
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You can use VNC from http://www.realvnc.com/. It does support encryption. To avoid other people see whats on screen, you can turn off the screen or disconnect the screen from the computer when you are away.
You should get www.teamviewer.com, When asked about weither it is personal or business use in the installation (DO NOT JUST RUN THROUGH IT) pick personal, and its free.

It is an excellent program, you basicly give out your "ID" that is created with the program, and a 4 digit password (That you can set or is random everytime, up to you.)

It's very fast, and should be able to do MAC TO XP and XP TO MAC. Just download the right files:


I love this program, even more then remote desktop on XP, thus I use it instead :)

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OTS_TechAuthor Commented:
Thank you for quick responses....

saifulbahri - I am not very Mac savvy here so this may sound stupid, but the computer is all built into the monitor.

Valleriani - Does this program have to ability to block people from seeing the screen on which you are connecting?

This blank screen is a very important need as this machine holds extremely cofidential information.
Well, you would need a password. When connecting it asks for a ID and password, you do not see the computer at all until you are connected.

It also features a white/black list, so you can only add 'confidential' people safely.

Plus it allows more then one person to be controlling the computer if needed, or none at all (Like a presentation).

If you are really needing the view screen, I found a option where you configure  the custom settings in access control, that has a VIEW SCREEN: ALLOWED or AFTER CONFIRMATION, so you'd need to confirm it. Guessing its a toggle then. Also there is a "Enable black screen if partner/other computer input is deactivated (like not at the computer)" It uses VPN drivers if needed.

You can set it up to have windows/etc login as well I believe on top of the ID/password if needed, (Or remove the password and just have it come up with a password when logging to the computer.)

It has many more features, I'd give it a go, up to you though.
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