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I have a user who wants to auto-accept all of his calendar entry requests that are emailed to him. In Outlook 2003 i would just go to the "resource scheduling" under Calendar options and set it up. If I try that in Outlook 2007, I cannot open "Resource Scheduling" without recieving error: "This folder cannot be opened becuase there is a configuration problem on the server." I believe i am getting this error becuase it is a user mailbox and not a resource mailbox. If that is the case I need to know how to set this up for a user mailbox.
SD CernyAsked:
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florin_sConnect With a Mentor Commented:
sorry, but I might have found some links that can help:

as I know you must export the user in 2007 (to a resource) and then assign the auto accept

The only Auto Accept setting is as follows:

Logon with the account and open Outlook.
Click Tools > Options
Select Calendar Options
Select Resource Scheduling
Check the 'Automatically accept meeting requests and process cancellations'
Check the 'Automatically decline  conflicting meeting requests'

You will also have to set the correct permissions to allow your users the ability to View, Create, Edit Own, Delete Own.
SD CernyAuthor Commented:
Read my question again. I cannot click on Resource scheduling without recieving an error, which, i believe is becuase of Exchange/Outlook 2007!
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