How to access files from one portable device to another

We have a 2005 app that runs on Symbol 9090 handheld scanners that use CE 5.0 and Compact Framework 2.0.  Normally in our app we access our files using a path such as \MyDocuments\data.sdf, which of course is a file that resides on the scanner.  Now I need for scanner "A" to be able to access the data.sdf on scanner "B", and I'm wondering if there is a way to do so.  

If this were an XP desktop computer on a network, for example, I could access the other file with something like \\\c\MyDocuments\data.sdf.  And, these scanners do have radios and can be set up with a static IP.  But I don't know of any way to use such syntax in this CF 2.0 environment.

Another possibility might be if I could FTP a copy of a file from scanner B to scanner A, and then access is locally on scanner A.  I have successfully transferred files from these scanners to a simple FTP program that runs on an XP desktop computer, but I don't know of a way to FTP files from scanner B to scanner A.

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way to implement either of these concepts above, or knows of another way to let me access files on scanner B while I'm working with scanner A.   TIA
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well, unless you implement whatever pairing yourself (e.g. FTP server/client running on PDA, client/server applications etc.) or find appropriate existing software, you might use Bluetooth if your devices support e.g. FTP service. As far as I know, you won't be able to access data directly
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Is there some FTP software that will run on a portable device like I'm using?  I tried running the same FTP software on my scanner that I run on the XP computer as explained above, but it failed saying that it is "not a valid Windows CE application".  So, I guess I would need an FTP program that will run in the CE environment.  Does such a product exist?

Also, I don't understand what is meant by "you might use Bluetooth if your devices support e.g. FTP service".  I think my device does support Bluetooth, but I don't know how to use it.  All I've ever used in the past to transfer data wirelessly is some FTP software on the scanner that is capable of sending data to an FTP host, which, like I say, has always been a piece of software that runs on an XP desktop---which is why I'm asking if there is FTP host software that will run on a CE device.  Or, is there a way to transfer files wirelessly, using FTP, without having to have FTP host software on the receiving end?
I know e.g. this FTP server:
in general, google for "ftp server windows mobile" and you'll see some  other links. you cannot use desktop software on Windows Mobile as it is totally different core.

re. BT - if you pair 2 devices, then depending on the services supported by BT stack, you might be able to transfer files back and forth.

another thing came to mind is IR (Beam feature), but that's too slow I guess.
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