Need GUID for a computer account

I cloned a server that is a member in an Active Directory name.  I booted the clone on the network and renamed it.  Consequently, that changed the name of the original server, which I cannot reboot right now.  I want to manually add a computer account for the original server and restore functionality without rebooting it, but I am being asked for the GUID.  How do I find that?
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I had this problem about a year ago!
If you search for setuplog.txt (usually in C:\WINNT) and open the log then go to "edit" and then "find" type in GUID and find next it will bring you to an entry that has the GUID number!
Hope this helps!

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Also note: that you can get the GUID from BIOS when you reboot... but this is much easier if you don't want to or more likely can't reboot!
mlord_garanAuthor Commented:
I had to strip the hiphens from the GUID, but that worked very well.  I was able to log into my server through VNC and got the GUID from c:\windows\setuplog.txt and created a new computer account with that GUID number.  I was then able to Remote Access to the server and access the shares on the server without having to restart and interrupt services.  Thank you very much!!
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