Primary hard drive not found hit F1 or F2

When posting computer stops and reads "Primary hard drive not found select F1 or F2"
F1 will give me Windows XP
F2 gets me into bios, I can seethat it's reading the primary h.d. ok and is set to auto
I tried changing something in the bios so I can do a save but at boot I still get the same message.

Dell tag # CJ85021 Dimension 8200
jsarinanaI.T. ManagerAsked:
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I think the issue is this: In the back of the HD (when you take it out), you should see a set of little switches or jumpers. They are connected in a way that configures the HD as a secondary master, or possibly a slave. There should be a little diagram right above these jumpers (or on the underside of the HD as a sticker), denoting the positions the jumpers should be in when you want it to work as a primary master, secondary master, primary slave, or secondary slave.

Make sure you put it in the primary cable as well, (normally on the motherboard it is the blue input vs the black input)
I dont think your boot HDD is plugged into the primary IDE slot of the machine.. Is your CD working fine...? If all of your devices are working fine then you cna safely go into the BIOS and disable the Primary HDD and this message will disappear...
jsarinanaI.T. ManagerAuthor Commented:
The message weas Primary1 hard drive, I turned this off in the BIOS since I was plugged into Primary0
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