How do i run a command line exe from within visual basic passing parameters to it?

Okay, what i'm doing here is working on a program that needs to use ffmpeg to convert a wma file to mp3.
what i'm needing to do though is call something like this from within my VB application.

C:\ffmpeg.rev12665>ffmpeg -i test.wma -vn -f wav - | lame --resample 32 -
b 40 -B 40 --cbr -f --priority 4 -m s - test.mp3

i simply need VB to be able to launch that externally basically.

i really need to convert the wma samplerate to different samples like 22,050 so flash will stream it properly.
i would purchase something to get this done and i was looking at this:

only problem with that is that it doesn't allow you to change the sample rate for mp3...only wav.

can anyone help me with this or know of an activex object i can purchase that will do this?
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if all you want to do is run it externally, use the shell command:


replace the C:\Users\ with the path
linuxroxAuthor Commented:
Hey, I tried the following and this doesn't work:

ShellExecute Me.hwnd, vbNullString, "C:\ffmpeg.rev12665\ffmpeg.exe", "-i C:\ffmpeg.rev12665\localbreak2.wma -vn -f wav - | C:\ffmpeg.rev12665\lame --resample 22.05 -b 40 -B 40 --cbr -f --priority 4 -m s - C:\ffmpeg.rev12665\localbreak2.mp3", "C:\ffmpeg.rev12665\", SW_SHOWNORMAL

but when i paste this into a command prompt it does work:

C:\ffmpeg.rev12665\ffmpeg.exe -i C:\ffmpeg.rev12665\localbreak2.wma -vn -f wav - | C:\ffmpeg.rev12665\lame --resample 22.05 -b 40 -B 40 --cbr -f --priority 4 -m s - C:\ffmpeg.rev12665\localbreak2.mp3

any ideas?
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