DHCP reservations

I never really paid attention to this, but yesterday I installed a new printe on our Print Server and create a DHCP reservation for it. We have 2 DHCP/DNS servers on our network. One of them is also the print server. So I created the DHCP reservation on this DHCP/DNS server/Print server.

QUESTION: Does the DHCP reservation replicate to the other DHCP server similarly how DNS replicates over our internal DNS servers? All of our DNS servers have the same info, however this morning I checked and the reservation is still on only one of the DHCP servers and not on the other. Furthermore, I see that these two DHCP servers have similar reservations, so either they replicated, or someone added them into both DHCP servers manually. OR maybe the reservations were imported when we create this second DHCP server.

Either way, should I add a DHCP reservation for this printer on the other DHCP server as well?
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DHCP will not be replicated. You will need to create a reservation on both servers.

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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
The reservation will not be replicated - what concerns me is the tought that you seem to suggest you have two DHCP server issuing the same range of IP Adresses - you should NOT have this situation, the scopes should not overlap or issues will result.

DNS entries WILL replicate to all DNS servers in the zone
pzozulkaAuthor Commented:
Two DHCP servers with different ranges. One of them issuing 10.81.32.xx and the other issuing 10.81.31.xx. All reservations have 10.81.8.xx and we only use this for printers. Server have static IP addresses of 10.81.2.xx.

I guess we keep the other around for backup purposes. My question is, in our setup, is it good or bad practice to creat reservations on both DHCP servers or only one?
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
If DHCP is set up in such a way that either could respond the the request for an IP from the device that you want to have a reserved IP, then the reservation needs to be on both
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