laptop with ExpressCard/54 Slot - can I have 2 internal hard drives?

Hi, I purchased a warranty extention on my laptop (from staples) and I recently had problems with it(dv8000 I believe it was). They said it cost more to repair then the value of the item is, so they offered me a refurb HP Pavilion dv9910us as a replacment.

The only thing is I need 2 internal hard drives (as my dv8000 had). They have to replace my laptop with a comparable unit, and they said the dv9910 is comparable. I explained that one of the features that is crutial to me is it has to have the internal expandtion slot for the 2nd hard drive. They said yes, it has second hard drive capabilities, but I have a feeling they mean I can hook up a second hard drive to the ExpressCard/54 Slot which would not be practicle because that means I would have to lug a second porrtable hard drive with me everywhere I go (I often travell to different sites for business and have to constantly keep a backup of the data on a second drive). The old one (dx8000) had 2 slots numbered bay 1 and bay 2, for the master/ slave drives.

I researched this unit but dont see anyone report they have 2 internal hard drives, but then again I dont know much about the slots so perhaps they are right- not sure though.

On hp's website, here is a list of ports the laptop has:
5-in-1 integrated Digital Media Reader for Secure Digital cards, MultiMedia cards, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, or xD Picture cards
4 Universal Serial Bus USB 2.0
1 VGA (15-pin)
1 RJ-11 (modem)
1 TV-Out (S-video)
1 RJ -45 (LAN)
2 headphone-out
1 microphone-in
1 notebook expansion port 3
1 IEEE 1394 Firewire (4-pin)
1 Consumer IR
full list of specs here:

So, does anyone know if this unit can hold 2 hard drives internally? any info is appreciated!
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only one...
it would be best to call up HP themselves and verify this to be true...
If one has two internal hard drive bays and the other does not, then I would say they are NOT "comparable" laptops.  Dual HDD bays are a feature of their higher-end laptops but not the midrange ones.  Basically, you bought a high-end laptop, but they are offering a midrange one as a replacement.  To me, at least, that would be unacceptable -- even if it is true that the midrange model being offered is newer then the high-end model it's replacing.

Do what you can to force their hand on this.  Read your extended warranty carefully to see what your rights are.

BTW, the dv8000 and the dv9000 refer to a whole series, not a specific model.  The dv8000 series had many models, some with 17" screens and some with 15" screens.  Some with dual HDD bays and some not.  It would help to know the specific model from the 8000 series you had to know which specific model from the 9000 series would be "comparable".

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silemoneCommented:  are models that have two slots for internal drives and 9910 isn't one of them..
silemoneCommented: the DV9910 considered a DV9000 series...if so

'The HP Pavilion dv9000 series can take two 2.5 inch hard drives.'

I read that link you provided.  I don't know if I would trust that statement to be applied to the entire 9000 series.  On the one hand, it would make sense for HP to manufacture them all to the same spec and then add/remove features for the different models.  So it's entirely conceivable that they all have two HDD bays, with the cheaper models only coming with one.

But on the other hand, HP is notorious for having different parts for the same laptop.  This is something they inherited from Compaq when they got bought out.  It's annoying.  Even if the casing has a cutout for the 2nd drive, there may be no connector behind it.

I wouldn't trust that this laptop could take a 2nd HDD unless I saw it for myself or read it directly from one of HP's service manuals for that model specifically.

It would be easy enough to check.  If they have the dv9000 on hand, just look underneath it.  There should be a panel covering the 2nd bay if there is one.  See if you can take the cover off (it should only be held on by 1 little screw) to tell if there is a naked connector behind it.
I agree, cuz, but since there is so little on this, I had to also provide this info
kate_nelson2001Author Commented:
Thanks! Called them up, they told me if I dont accept the computer they pick for me they will offer me the value of the computer in form of a staples give card (I knew that before though) so I reminded them that they have to offer me a comparable laptop, or the value of the comparable laptop in form of a staples gift card- not the value of a cheaper model in form of a gift card, and he told me "well thats what there offering me". I told him I dont accept that- if I have to call staples back I will (long story but they originally denied warranty and sent my original laptop back to me in 2 pieces half taken appart- staples presidents office solved that problem though) so I said I will call the presidents office back I guess, because my warranty agreement says I get a comparable laptop, or the value of the comparable laptop in form of a gift card to staples and what there offering me is not comparable. He was quick to change his tune- he politley told me to "please hold". 10 minutes later he came back and said for me to call back tomorrow, they will find a comparable laptop this time, and i can take that or the staples card. So we will see what happens tomorrow!

PS- the laptops they offered me are not from staples- (im dealing with a 3rd party insurance company, sold by staples)- According to my papwerwork the warranty contract is between me and staples- so alls staples did was tell them to honor the warranty- if they dont then I have to call staples back. Its odd though, they told me to check the laptop out from, and they quote the price. Staples doesnt even carry the dv9100 or even a dv9000 searies laptop. They must have an agreement with staples (im sure they wouldnt pay staples $606 cash, or they would just offer me the laptop or they would send me a check for $606- (if the 606 price was comparable to my original, which it is not). thanks for the info!

PS- I did call HP and they said since they only sell refurb dv9910 notebooks, they dont have access to any info other then whats posted on the website- he told me he didnt know if it had 2 bays or not, but he didnt think it did, since thats a pretty big feature and it wasnt listed on the site.
wow...HP couldn't tell you if a model they manufactured doesn't have two bays or not?  I'm disappointed.  The least they could have did was opened up one of those refurbished models and checked, taken your number and said they would get back to you...and as for Staples, thanks for the info.  i won't be buying a laptop from them...
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