OS X Leopard Network Slow

I just upgraded 15 older iMacs running OS X 10.4.11 to all new iMacs running OS X 10.5.5 and now when we transfer files to to server or when we get files from the server it is painfully slow.. A 1GB file usually takes less then a minute to copy to and from the server (Running Server 2003 R2 fully updated with AppleTalk enabled) Now with Leopard it takes about 20 minutes or more. I checked the network settings for both machines and they are the same with Apple talk enabled. And it is also the same if I connect to the server via AFP or SMB.... Need help on this!!
Herb VasquezNetwork AdministratorAsked:
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Nn MAC OS X, try setting ACK no delay by adding  socket options = TCP_NODELAY IPTOS_LOWDELAY to your /etc/smb.conf file.
Herb VasquezNetwork AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Is that a simple process? is it somthing you can step me through or know of a link that I can go to for directions on how to do this?
You have to open the Terminal Application found in \applications\utilities

Then type:
   cd /etc

 which will take you to the hidden /etc directory.

Then type:

    sudo pico smb.conf

Enter your password when requested.

This will open a linux line editor that will allow you to edit the file. The keyboard shortcuts for using the line editor will be at the bottom of the window. The ^ symbol means you use the control key. For instance ^v (control v) will move you to the next page of the file, ^x (control-x) will exit and save.

Add the necessary line to the second page of the file, exit and save and see if that makes a difference. If not, go back in and remove it.

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did this work?  i have seen speed differences with the new iMacs and Leopard as well.  was curious if this made a difference.
Herb VasquezNetwork AdministratorAuthor Commented:
no that did not work.. Manually setting the Ethernet setting in System Preferences to the current network speed worked perfect.. Also I heard that the 10.5.6 updates fixes some networking issues as well.

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I had some troubling performance when using built-in AFP services on Windows 2003.  Grouplogic ExtremeZ-IP software gave us a significant performance increase and also allowed us to search a hosted volume using spotlight!  I think you can get a free demo from the website to give it a try yourself.

Also, Cisco switches have settings such as portfast that can enhance your network connection.  Without this enabled, some of our clients can take up to a minute to finish negotiating with the switch.
hey guys.  My issue was resolved with this registry fix:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/328890/

the speed difference was dramatic.

more info here:  http://www.stuartcheshire.org/papers/NagleDelayedAck/index.html
Just added an iMac to my network.
Network access is really slow, the speed test shows it is about 5 times slower in download and upload than my Win Xp and Win Vista machines?
Why is that?
I looked at the Airport settings under System Preferences but not much that can be configured there?
Any Apple guru who can shade some light on that my linux box network is also running 5 times faster... I don't understand what the differences are.
Thanks, D.
there is a delayed ack fix for the max client. try that.  http://systemsboy.com/2006/02/delayed-ack-startup-item-for-intel-macs.html

I applied the fix mentioned and while it did in fact improve the speed the Airport is still bellow the other PC. The speed test shows:
On the Mac Airport: 4.7 Mbps Download and 0.4 Mbps Upload
On Windows and Linux: 9.9 Mbps Download and 2.4 Mbps Upload
The fix has improved Download speed, it is 1/2 of what it should be but at least it is usable now.
On the other hand the Upload speed has not improved much :-(
I need to serve files and data with the iMac so Upload speed is just as important as download speed.
I cannot understand why Apple would not release a patch for that issue if it has been around for so long and with there large customer base.

Is there anything else I could take a look at?

Thanks again, D.
if you go to network preferences for airport, then advanced then ethernet, is configure set to automatic?  Also, what is your link speed?  what do you get for speed test when you hard wire the imac?  
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