How do I display the /*comments*/ I have added to my SQL 2005 DB Views?

I added comments to my View for documentation purposes and when I saved the View the comments were removed from display.  How can I get them to display?  Is there maybe an option in the properties of SQL Server 2005?
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Where are you adding the comments?  As you can see from this example below, comments are persisted in the text of the view.
create view MYview
select 1 as 'a'
sp_helptext myview
drop view MYview

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pgetchellAuthor Commented:
I typed  my comment above the SQL Select statement just as you demonstrated.  I used SQL Server 2005's "wizard gui" View creator thing to make it.  I simply right clicked the VIEWS folder in the tree view of SQL Management Studio and selected "New View..." and wrote my query in the query window that appears and added comment tags  /**/ and when I saved the VIEW the comments disappeared or were removed.  I did not use the CREATE VIEW syntax.
Ok.  I have NEVER used the view wizard.  It makes creation of scripts for source control more difficult.

If you run the query above in SQL Server Management Studio's Query Tool, it works.
pgetchellAuthor Commented:
OK.  I appreciate your help.
This question has been sitting open for over 2 months.  I believe I answered your question.  Please close.
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