Creating a satisfaction form to be filled in by users


I have created a customer satisfaction form using Adobe LiveCycle Designer 8.0.

We want this form to filled in by our customers on which they will receive a complementary gift, as a token of gratitude.

For this we will be putting the completed form online, just emailing the link to our customers.

When doing a local "user experience test" with my collegaues we run into several problems.

Apparently most of the workstations have Adobe Reader installed dating from version 5.0 tot 7.0 (5.0 is from 2001, i know)

Off course, we would like to send the PDF form in its "most compatible form" so that most users can fill in the form and mail back to me the XML result.

Note : Also the users with 5.0 version were able to completely fill in the form, use pull down menu and radio buttons but the "email-button" did not work.  The print button DID work !

So what i'm looking :

which is the most compatible export format i can select to created the form ?
What can i do about users with Adobe Reader 5.0 were the "email-button" doesn't work ?
Are they any order "submit-form" options that i can use except email and print ?

Every help would be appreciated.



ps : if anyone needs to see the form file, i'm willing to email it !
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GlennHarrisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I do not recall that Acrobat 6 supports the XML file format, although I know V7 does; acrobat 5 users cannot even save the pdf with their selections, that wasn't available until V7; Acrobat 5 users would have to print and fax/mail the return;
For V5 users make sure you add a hyperlink region with a link; Since lifecycle doesn't offer this, use the advanced editing toolbar in acrobat to add the hyperlink in post-production.
It's not what is the most compatible format, it's which bells and whistles you can use; If you want your form to be acrobat 5 compatible I would recommend that you stick to straight text fields only.
ggc2Author Commented:
i only used fill in text fields, 4 dropdown menu and a lot of radio buttons options

is there a possibility to let acrobat 5.0 users send back the filled in xml file ?

the send buttons doesn't work but is there an other solution ?
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