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We are using Exchange Server 2003 constructed Small Business Server 2003. The size of Exchange Mailbox Database have reached 33 Gbs. After we have made Mail cleaning among the users mailboxes the one by one summation of users mailbox sizes over Exchange Manager gives 20 Gbs but still it covers 33 Gbs of space on the disk.

Steps i have taken to reduce the size of database are as follows in order as i have done;
1st- offline defragmentation: eseutil /d => no change in size
2nd- database repair/fix : eseutil /p => no change in size
3rd- again offline defragmentation : eseutil /d => still no change in size
4th-changes have made under, Mailbox Store ->  Right Click -> Properties -> Limits -> Deletion Settings  as below;
Keep Deleted Items for (days) : 0
Keep Deleted Mailboxes for (days) : 0
and then offline defragmentation again bu eseutil /d => unfortanetely still no change

after this changes and attemps made, still the problem exists. is there any other suggestions about the reduction of this size problem?

Thanks in further,

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ay666Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks guys,

I overcame my problem finally. The steps i have taken were correct, as i see now.
The only thing about it was that the system operation procedures and their timings were set before which i had to wait for a night to see the effects.
especially the commands to change the mailbox backup size limits;
Keep Deleted Items for (days) : 0
Keep Deleted Mailboxes for (days) : 0
were accepted when written but when i defragted- it didnot work at the first time because i didnot wait for even a hour to defrag and to see the effects.
After a night it worked well- when server finished applying the new commands :)
it is now 22Gbs where it was 33Gbs before

vnicolaeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
eseutil /d is the way to go.

There is an option in Exchange not to delete items until a Full Backup ran. Are you using it and if so, did you run a full backup on your server? You can actually see the amount of free space in your DB in your Event logs after each online-defrag. Does that one match the 20GB you calculated?
mikainzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Before an offline defragmentation with eseutil /d can be successfull, you need an successfull online defragmentation, which normally runs every night, but can be interrupted by backup jobs.
Watch out for the following eventlog entries

ID      source
700   ese
701 ese
1221 ExchangeIS Mailbox Store

in event 1221 you should find the free space

I suppose that your online defrag gets interrupted, so that the offline defrag will not shrink the file.
RobinHumanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are also logs etc which need to be added when calculating size;
see this article:
mikainzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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