Update LinkButtom in FormView Not Firing for first click

Dear Experts.

I have a formview with one LinkButton to perform Save Updates (CommandName='Update') for Edit Template.  I find it will not fire when I click it the first time.

Your help is appreciated.
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SRO_TSGConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Dear Expert.

I "kind of" found and fixed the problem.  I added some codes for fixed-header grid.  It has one line "Page.EnableViewState = false;" . Then the 1st click does not work.

I just commented it out and it seems fine now.  I added the linkbutton in the FormView.  There is no clicking event "specfically" declared for that.  Because the command name is "Update", I guess it fires the Update Command automatically.   Why the viewState will be affected by this..?  Thanks!

Are you adding the event handler  in code behind. check if it is added everytime. You may be adding it on postback
SRO_TSGAuthor Commented:
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