Can This brand of Linksys Switch plugged into a Cisco switch cause broadcast storms?

Can This brand of Linksys Switch plugged into a Cisco switch cause broadcast storms?

EZSX88W Ver 3.1 10/100 8-Port Workgroup Switch.

Please provide a couple scenarios how  broadcast storms could happen with this device or any device.

Please provide causes and resolutions to broadcast storms in different scenarios.

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Why do you think you have broadcast storms?
what shows cisco's log?

as for particular linksys - the answer is negative - under normal circumstances switches does not produce storms. Even more, I you connect you linksys to cisco, and you have some weird traffic on linksys, cisco can react on that automatically and will not forward that traffic to all other ports.

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AndrewKeimAuthor Commented:
The  network administrator is saying that when multiple computers are plugged into the linksys switch even without a loopback to the switch causes unusually high network traffic.  I can understand the loopback that may cause this issue, but when normal computers are plugged in without loopback than to me that points to a faulty network card, not the linksys switch...
this is possible under several circumstances:
1. you have 10 Mbps cards at least in some of Pcs
2. you have at least broken nic
3. some of the nics are trying to work in 100 half mode, so causing a lot of collisions.

My exp shows that cheap switches can not handle collisions well because of very small packet buffers
It could also be a bad Linksys switch. Try another. Also if he is looking at that port and comparing it to other ports with only one device plugged in. It will look exessive, because there are multiple devices using that port instead of only one.
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