Using ServeRaid Manager to expand logical RAID 5 drive, does data get lost?

I have just doubled my RAID 5 drives (5 73GB to 5 143GB capacity).  I would like to know the SAFEST way to expand the data capacity.  I have Windows 2003 on the existing IBM 3550 server.  should I:
a.) create a second logical drive in ServeRaid Manager, then use Windows disk manager to "grow" the partition.
or B:  use ServeRaid Manager to expand the logical drive.  If I do this, do I run the risk of losing my data on my existing logical drive?

Thanks In advance!
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kitadamsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I just talked to IBM.  Their answer is to NOT use the ServeRaid Manager within the OS.  Istead, download the CD, boot  the system to the CD and run the ServeRAID manager that was and extend the logical drive.  They claim it will NOT destroy any of the data doing it this way.  We can close this ticket now.
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