Reporting Services: very very slow

I recently built reports using Reporting Services 2005 and I integrated them into a web application. The report have been running fine until I imported a lot of data into my database. That when problems started and I have now to wait more than one hour for the report and other times the report server hangs up. When I take the query I use to Management Studio it takes up to 10 seconds to run.
Initially I was returning 600 to 1000 rows (1-2 seconds) and now I return more than 80000 rows. Can some one help please?
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YurichConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Is anyone really going to look through a report of 80,000 rows? Try to add more parameters that will reduce the number of rows (categories, sub-categories, etc.), try adding drill-downs if it helps. If it's not possible, add a parameter like - show first 1000 pages and you can work out how to break your report into segments showing it 1000 by 1000.

It will depend on your SQL query as well. 80,000 rows in fact is a not very big number for a SQL query resultset; 800,000 is. But for rendering that number of pages into HTML, it would take considerable amount of time for a web-server.

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karakavAuthor Commented:
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