bcp from Linux to SQL Server 2005

Hi folks,

Soon I'll need to bcp some text files from a Linux box to SQL Server 2005.  I'm wondering if it's simply a matter of pointing the SQL bcp import script to the IP address of the Linux box or is it more involved?  

Thanks in advance.
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Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Need to remember that the source files need to be directly accessable to the SQL Server from the SQL Server's perspective. So, if you "map" a drive, or use path names, need to be able to do the equivelent from say a DOS prompt, or Windows explorer, and for the user that sets up the SQL Server as the service, and/or the user that is running the BCP job. SQL Server does not know about Linux per se, so those folder / file paths may cause some concern unless expressed in terms of something that windows will understand. Might be worthwhile copying them across to an accessible folder - which also serves as a "staging" area for import (ie no lock conflicts). To that end, I have used tools like SAMBA before, and not sure what the more recent versions of Linux can support.
hennessymAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mark, I'm giving SAMBA a try.
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