What would be easier, domain rename or new domain?

Our current internal domain is not what we want it to be and we just bought VMware ESX, a SAN, and all kinds of fun stuff and have started virtualizing our physical servers. We are basically redoing our infrastructure which is not very big. currently we have a domain that is subdomain.domain.com and we want it to be domain.local.

We currently have Exchange 2007, 2 domain controllers, and other member servers. Would it be easier to create a new domain.local and join the existing servers we want to keep into there or do a domain rename?

Exchange is probably the biggest concern of mine and second would be permission issues.
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Both are equally difficult. I would personally create a new domain on the new hardware first while keeping the old one up - this will help minimize downtime. You can then configure your new domain and test it without having issues with your users. Then when your ready to make the switch you can copy all your old data over and connect the computers to the new domain.
I hope this helps. Good luck.
NetworkConsultant01Author Commented:
When it comes to Exchange, would it be easier to create a new Exchange server and move the mailboxes and reconfigure Outlook or try and move it. I would think migration would be easier. We are a small IT consulting company (4 people) so we have the IT resources and there are not a lot of users to worry about.
I am not sure if it would be easy or not to transfer exchange from an old domain to a new one. I am actually getting ready to figure this out myself. Since it is only a few users you could save all the outlook data in a pst file and then merge it back into the new exchange server once it is up.
Good luck.
I would absolutely recommend a migration! Renaming your domain can cause a lot of trouble afterwards. The rename is pretty easy but if anything goes wrong it can't be reverted.
If you do a migration the downtime will be kept at a minimum (as andrew_aj1 already said)
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