fork() with cygwin


I tried some test to see cygwin can do fork() on Windows XP, sample code:


int pid

if [ pid < 0 ]
  fprintf(stderr, "fork() failed")
else if [ pid == 0 ]
  value += 10;
  printf("Child: Value = %d\n", value)
else if [ pid > 0 ]
  printf("Parent: Value = %d\n", value)

But I am getting error indicated fork() is not support by cygwin:

+ value=10

int pid
+ int pid line 3: int: command not found
pid=fork() line 4: syntax error near unexpected token `(' line 4: `pid=fork()'  "

Any Guru out there have an alternative to fork on cygwin?  Or is my code just wrong?

Many Thanks.
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Hmm, that is not much C code. Where are all the semi colons and if cases use (), not [].
I tested with this code and it compiled in cygwin.
#include <unistd.h>
int main()
      pid_t pid;
      pid =fork();
      return 0;
tranicusAuthor Commented:
Thanks Werrock,

I forgot to add, I am not doing C just a straight Shell Script in Cygwin.
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tranicusAuthor Commented:
So iis there an alternative to pull this off in Shell for Cygwin environment?
Basically they just launch another script inside it when they need something done in parallel. You still have not declared what your fork will be used for.

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Guys, need some help, i don't understand what should I include?  I download and installed all the package using the setup.exe provided by cygwin. Now exactly what do I do to fork the process?
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