Invalid connection string from Access to Oracle

Hello everyone,

I have a Sub in Access, which I want it to be a DSN-less connection, and execute a pass-through query. But gives me an error: Invalid Connection String in pass-through query.

I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions

Sub passthrough_query_test()
    Dim dbs As Database
    Dim qdfPassThrough As QueryDef
    Dim qdfTemp As QueryDef
    Set dbs = CurrentDb()
    Set qdfPassThrough = dbs.CreateQueryDef("consultaOrden")
    qdfPassThrough.Connect = ("Driver={Microsoft ODBC for Oracle};;Uid=stsag;Pwd=prod666;")
    qdfPassThrough.SQL = "SELECT num_orden from AG_ORDENES where num_orden=1092385"
    qdfPassThrough.ReturnsRecords = True
    With dbs
    Set qdfTemp = .CreateQueryDef("tablaTmp", "SELECT * from consultaOrden")
    DoCmd.OpenQuery "tablaTmp"
    .QueryDefs.Delete "tablaTmp"
    End With
    dbs.QueryDefs.Delete "consultaOrden"
    End Sub

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The problem is most likely that the ODBC settings expect Oracle 8.0 to be used by default. So change the registry to look for Oracle 9 DLLs and DSN creation succeeds.

Need to change 2 registry entries, see HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftMSDTCMTxOCI
and change OracleXaLib from oraclient8.dll to oraclient9.dll and change OracleSqlLib from orasql8.dll to orasql9.dll (note: if OracleOciLib is oci.dll do not change it).

(As a reference see outdated Microsoft article Q264012).

Check out to validate your connect string.
Ivette_DiazAuthor Commented:
Thank you, now it's valid but gives me the folowwing error:

"Driver's SQLSetConnectAttr failed"

I changed my connection string to:

oConn.Open "Driver={Microsoft ODBC for Oracle};" & _
           "Dbq=REPOGARA" & _
           "Uid=pepe;" & _
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