sql server 2005

we can log on locally(Server 2003 R2 running SQL 2005) as administrator(Windows) and to sage construct. We cannot logon TO SAGE Construct locally as any other user even if given full admin rights.

See attached error message...........
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Kevin CrossConnect With a Mentor Chief Technology OfficerCommented:
Having full admin rights to the system doesn't necessarily grant you admin rights in SQL Server.  If you are using SQL Authentication as asked above, then only SQL defined login credentials will be able to login.  If the administrator was used to run the install, that user is usually made the server administrator which is why you can get in with that id.  You can switch SQL Authentication to mixed to include Windows authentication too and then you will have to map the Windows group and/or users that you want to have access to login and specific permissions they should have on database or SQL server itself.
Can you confirn this!

1. Since your using SQL Authentication - have u created user 'master' in on the database in sql server?

can you also paste connection string when u got into as a administrater?
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