Clicking on the XP "Restore Active Desktop" does not work

When I click on the icon to restore the desktop (ie., picture), I get a scrip error (object does not support this action)

I have tried to apply the properties desktop but it doesnt reapply the desired background picture

Any thoughts
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houssam_balloutConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would suggest installing and running spybot (search and distroy)

It good to try SmitFraudFix and combofix to see if that it maybe a  rootkit
Do you have a spyware scanner installed? If not download Ad-Aware (free edition) and scan your hard drive for any problems.

Failing that it could be a corrupt profile. Log out and log back in with the administrator account (press CTRL+ALT+DEL twice). Browse to C:\Documents and Settings and then rename the folder with your username. Add ".Old" to the end of the folder name. Then log back into your account and this will give you a new profile. Browse back to the old profile and copy your Favorites, My Documents and, if you have anything on it, desktop folders. Copy the contents of those folders into your new profile.
try this

Open an explorer window (open My Computer for example)
Folder Options
Uncheck Hide protected operating system files
Now do a search for desktop.htt&it should be on your C: normally
Delete any desktop.htt files you find (there could be more than one depending on how many user profiles are on the machine)  They should be located in Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer
Close all windows you have open
Now reboot your PC..Windows will recreate desktop.htt for you and it should work!
bob733Author Commented:
I was following your advise and got to folder Options, View, and unchecked the Hide Protected Operating system files....

As soon as I unchecked it, the Desktop picture came back!

OOLLM is the fix for this one  (One Of Lifes Little Mysteries = OOLLM)

I will go ahead and award you the points and reopen it if the problem persists and you advise doesnt fix it)

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