Vb.net 2008 and Crystal Reports

I'm creating a report in vb.nt 2008 using crystal reports that comes with Visual Studio.  I'm going to simplify what I need.  I have a column with random numbers that's 100 rows.  So I load my dataset with:
select Numbers from tablea.....so in crystal reports I only want to display the sum of the numbers and the user has the ability to click to drill down.   Or would I be better off making two tables, one that has the values summed?  Thanks
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Are you summing all the numbers?
If so you should be able to simply right click the field in the report
Set it up for a sum

If you need to use only some of the values then you can use a running total

bergertimeAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry for the delay on my response.  I am not summing all the numbers.  Say I have a table.

seq#          clnt            amount
1                 100           30.00
2                  200          45.00
3                 100           55.00
4                  200          25.00
5                  300          15.00

I want my report to look like:

Client 100          total=90.00
client200            total= 70.00
client300            total=15.00
But I only want to load one table,  also the user needs to have the ability to click on the total to drill down and see what made up his total.  Again this is a simplified version of what I'm trying to do.  

Add a group to the report on Client Number
Insert summaries into the group footer

Hide the detail section with the fields you want displayed on drill down.


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bergertimeAuthor Commented:

Ok, I think I'm almost there.  I have one more point to make more clear.  The first two steps worked great, but the third is what I'm having a problem with.  Do I add the fields to the details area?  I just get a blank page on drill down.  If I add my fields to the group footer, I only get the last result.  What I am looking for is on drill down a page that displays the fields I want that make up that grouping.  Thanks again.  
bergertimeAuthor Commented:
Got it.  I'm not sure what I was doing wrong on that last step, but it's working now.  Thanks for you help.  Not sure if I would have ever figured that out.
Yes you add the fields to the detail section.

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