How to use Same QTP Scripts for IE 6, IE 7 and Firefox 2.0 / QTP scripts Browser compatibility

I have working QTP 9.2 scripts on Internet Explorer 6.0 for an web application. And I would like to use same scripts to execute on Internet Explorer 7.0 and Mozilla Firefox 2.0. So, in order to do that I created a global action, which is similar to following that one.  I am getting objects are not found in the object repository.
So, how can add browser identification objects to object repository?
And what are the steps to take to execute same QTP Scripts for IE 6, IE 7 and Firefox 2.0?

Now I am using QTP 9.5 version. So, my intension is based on browser I would like to set some objects to browser specific . It would be great, if someone could help me in this regard.


if(Window("Microsoft Internet Explorer").Exist) then
' for Internet Explorer 6.0

      Browser("Default Details").Dialog("Microsoft Internet Explorer").WinButton("OK").Click

'elseif (Window("Windows  Internet Explorer").Exist) then

'for Internet Explorer 7.0

   Browser("Default Details").Dialog("Windows Internet Explorer").WinButton("OK").Click


'for Mozilla Firefox related

'Browser("Default Details").Dialog("Mozilla Firefox").WinButton("OK").Click


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Suveer PatilConnect With a Mentor QA AnalystCommented:
You can run the same script of a web App on different browsers with some limitations.
1) You can run the script prepared for IE browser on Firefox.
2)For running the scripts on other browsers than IE you have prepare the script in IE and run them in other browsers becuase you cannot record script in Fire fox.
3)The script may fail if it has any webpage dialogs becuase in IE the dialog is recognized as Window where as in FIREFOX the webdialog is recognized as Dialog this is the only difference we have with IE and FIREFOX.

4) Your script may fail with IE7 if it is prepared aginst IE6 because of the object identiofication for resolving this remove the Object name property in the object repository.

but anyway you can try to do that
You can change the record and run setting to run the script in different browsers.
Even you can record also on different browser

Plz check the attached image.
you can open this window from qtp, using
QTP>Automation>Record and Run Settings
RajavarAuthor Commented:
First of all thanks for your response.
I Created Alert_Dialog_Title_Check golabl action to pass Dialog errors on IE 6, IE 7 and Firefox 2.0. And the script is as follows:

If( Browser("Browser Details").Dialog("Microsoft Internet Explorer").exist) then
   ' For Internet Explorer 6.0
 Browser("Browser Details").Dialog("Microsoft Internet Explorer").WinButton("OK").Activate
   Browser("Browser Details").Dialog("Microsoft Internet Explorer").WinButton("OK").Click
elseif (Browser("Browser Details").Dialog("Windows Internet Explorer").Exist) then

  'For Internet Explorer 7.0
  Browser("Browser Details").Dialog("Windows Internet Explorer").WinButton("OK").Activate
   Browser("Browser Details").Dialog("Windows Internet Explorer").WinButton("OK").Click


'For Firefox 2.0
  Browser("Browser Details").Dialog("The page at says:").Activate
  Browser("Browser Details").Dialog("The page at says:").WinButton("OK").Click
end if

The above script is working for IE 6 and IE 7 to pass Dialog errors. But it is failed to pass on Firefox 2.0.
And getting object not found errors. Even add the objects also, run time it is not identifying.

So, my question is, please provide a common action script for Alert Dialgog boxes checking on IE 6, IE 7 and Firefox 2.0

Help wpuld be appreciated.
What objects are not recognized on FF2.0? Is it the Browser object or any of his descendants?
RajavarAuthor Commented:
I left the Organization, where I needed the solution for this question and hence did not do followup about this problem.
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