GoldMine cannot attach to database aliased

I'm moving GoldMine to a new server and I'm almost done with one exception. When I start GoldMine it asks for my UN/PW which it accepts, but then it says that it cannot attach to the database aliased. It is then asking me for a MS SQL UN/PW (the UN is already populated based on the info in BDE) and if I provide the info GoldMine starts with no problem. I've checked through BDE and I am able to connect without any problems. My ODBC connections are in place, I've checked GM.INI and found that no matter what I change the entried to the windows comes up asking for UN/PW on the DB aliased.
Any ideas on how to get fix this issue?

Thanks before hand!
GoldMind Sales & Marketing 2002; MS SQL 2005 on Win2K3
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stevengraffConnect With a Mentor Commented:
File | Configure | User Settings | Properties | Access tab |

... then look near the bottom, you'll see two fields for un/pw. These should be entered for each user. Each user doesn't necessarily need their own un/pw for sql, in fact, normally we use only one for everyone, since the end users never have direct knowledge of the credentials anyway.
nytechnoguruAuthor Commented:
Worked llike a charm! So I'm guessing that the UN/PW in BDE must match the one that's in the user properties. It's always something stupid that will get me.

Thanks for your help!
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