Routing Question with 2003 Static or RIP ? and Help Planning..

Ok this is what is happening....

Office 1 - running IP adress /
it's connect via a fibre link (No routing at present, just one big network)
Office 2 also running IP address /

I have to change Office 1 to IP address / but they still must have access server at the Main branch ie network

If I install a 2003 server and turn on the Routing and remote access services etc..

Office 1  WS1 =

Server  1 = NIC 1 + NIC 2
connected via fibre
Cisco 2600 Router at Office 2 Ethernet 1 =

If I set the default gateway of WS1 in office one to
and setup a static route on Server 1 that sends all trafic for out via NIC 2 on the server ...
and switch on IP Packet forwarding..

Will this work ?

Ian PriceIT ManagerAsked:
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Let me see if i got this correct. Your main network ( is directly connected to the 2600 with fiber. Also the remote site ( is connected to the 2600 with fiber?

If so then the 2600 should be able to provide the routing between the two subnets. Since you only have two subnets i would just use static routes on the 2600. Let the router do the routing.

If this is not correct do you have a simple diagram of your setup?
Ian PriceIT ManagerAuthor Commented:

Well the fibre runs from Office 1 into to a Cisco switch at Office 2 - the 2600 is also connected to switrch via an ethernet port - I suppose could add a secondary IP address onto the ethernet portsuch as and set the default gateway of clients a office 1 to that address - would that work ?

I suppose it would as that how it set-up at the moment but on the address...
Im still trying to straghten out your setup. This is how i understand it so far, is this correct?

office 1 -------------------------switch--------office 2 (                                 |                     |

What is the model of the switch ?
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Ian PriceIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Yep thats right at office 2 the switchis a it's Cisco 2950..
Ian PriceIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
I can ping and the network from office 1 - I take it this means its working now ?

Just need to update DNS ?
Then it sounds like your 2600 is properly routing traffic between the two networks.

You also might want to consider setting up a couple VLAN's on your 2950 to separate the two office subnets. This will reduce the amount of un-needed broadcast on the switch.  
Ian PriceIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
What would the command be to setup the VLan's ?
Its a little more involved than just a single command. You will need to configure the connection from the 2950 to the 2600 as a trunk port to pass the vlans. You will then need to create new vlans on the2950 and assign ports for the two offices network.

interface fastethernet 0/0 <-- this is the interface you have connected to 2950 (this is going to be your trunkport)
no ip address
no shutdown

interface fastethernet 0/0.1
encapsulation dot1q 1 native

interface fastethernet 0/0.192 <--name does not matter but its good to keep it similar to your subnet for organization
encapsulation dot1q 192
ip address <-- this will now be the gateway for Office 1

interface fastethernet 0/0.10
encapsulation dot1q 10
ip address<-- this will now be the gateway for Office 2


vlan 192 <-- make sure its the same as on the router
name Office 1

vlan 10 <-- make sure its the same as on the router
name Office 2

The fiber port connecting offce1 on the 2950 will need to be assigned to vlan 192

interface gig0/0
switchport mode access
switchport access vlan 192

The fiber port connecting offce2 on the 2950 will need to be assigned to vlan 192

interface gig0/0
switchport mode access
switchport access vlan 10

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One other thing you might want to consider in the future is removing the second connection you have to the router.

office 1 -------------------------switch--------office 2 (                                 |                     |   <------this is not needed now in this setup
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