Windows Time Service generating a massive number of errors.

We have a server that keeps posting numerous subsequent Event ID 537 errors. Below is the 537 showing the substatus code of 0xC0000133 indicates a time difference. Below the 537 are system logs that can be found on the server. These are present every 2 hours. I beleive the problems began once the server was upgraded to SP2.

Event Type:      Failure Audit
Event Source:    Security
Event Category:            Logon/Logoff
Event ID:                      537
User:                NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM
Computer:         Server
Logon Failure:
            Reason:                        An error occurred during logon
            User Name:      
            Logon Type:      3
            Logon Process: Kerberos
            Authentication Package:            Kerberos
            Workstation Name:        -
            Status code:      0xC000006D
            Substatus code: 0xC0000133
            Caller User Name:        -
            Caller Domain:  -
            Caller Logon ID:           -
            Caller Process ID:         -
            Transited Services:        -
            Source Network Address:
            Source Port:      0
Event Type:      Information
Event Source:    Service Control Manager
Event Category:            None
Event ID:                      7036
User:                N/A
Computer:         Server
The Windows Time Service entered the stopped state.
Event Type:      Error
Event Source:    Service Control Manager
Event Category:            None
Event ID:                      7023
User:                N/A
Computer:         Server
The Windows Time Service terminated with the following error:
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1) set the time manually and or via the command line with your DC that is the time server or synch all servers using NIST program via the Internet Time servers.

Time Server NIST Time Synch

I hope this helps !
Darius GhassemCommented:
Import this reg file to configure an external time source automatically on your PDC emulator FSMO roles holders. Then run the w32tm /resync /rediscover
cashewxAuthor Commented:
How do I determine my time server?
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Darius GhassemCommented:
Your time server is your PDC of your network. Look through this article which will show you how to determine your PDC FSMO role holder.
cashewxAuthor Commented:
I don't want to transfer any FSMO role, is there anyway to run a RSOP on the machine to verify the PDC? I don;t have access to the servers as my org is strictly least privilege.
Darius GhassemCommented:
You can type net time to at the command prompt if you want to view your current time server. This might not be the right server that is configured but it will show you your current network time server. You don't have to transfer the roles. The article just shows you how to get to the area to view to see what machine has the PDC role.
Here is what I do with my clients -

I set the autoritative server

Then I set a GPO that tells all the client machines ot synch with this specific server.  Works very well

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