Printer keeps failing, connected to 4 users via switch. Tested printer for a single user and it works well, but not when multiple users try to print?

I have an HP LaserJet 4200 Printer that keeps failing to print. I have the printer connected via ethernet connected to 4 users via a netgear ethernet switch. I tested printer for a single user and it works well, but not when multiple users try to print? Any thoughts on what might be wrong? The printer is connected to each user via a tcp/ip port connection.
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Are you staticly assigning the IP address to the printer or letting it get an address via DHCP?

When you're connecting a single user, how are you doing this? Network cable from the printer to the PC? If so you're probably using a Crossover cable, and this probably wont work on your switch. Netgear switches aren't usually MDI/MDIX auto sensing. Try a different cable if this is the case.

Can you ping the printer's IP address from all the PCs? how are you mapping the printer? Are you sharing it from one computer or making a new printer on each computer with the IP address hardcoded?

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Basicly two place to look - printer configuration itself, and properties for the printer, on each PC.
Look for "advance" and adjust config , the way it will work.
You should enable "storage" on it.
Maybe easier confirm with tech support, the best way for you.
discoballxAuthor Commented:
The IP address was static for the printer but not anymore, sdo it is DHCP. I am thinking that it needs to be static or it fails? Any thoughts...
Static or DHCP, no diffrent , as long PC-printer can see each other. i.e. yo can ping printer IP from PC.
Posting "ipconfig /all" from all PC's , as well printers IP set should be helpfull.
discoballxAuthor Commented:
The printer had grabbed a new IP when moved, so thank you for the tips.
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