Problem connecting multiple Cisco VPN Clients via ISA 2006.

I was recently forced to switch to using a Cisco VPN Client.  I have 5 laptops that need to connect to this vpn, each has its own user.  However, for some reason I can only connect 1 laptop at a time to this VPN connection from within my network.  If I use a broadband card(at&t aircard) I can connect with no problems, so I'm fairly sure the problem is some configuration in my ISA server.

ISA Logging shows the error "Failed Connection Attempt", when I try to connect the second or third laptop at the same time using the Cisco VPN Client.

The extra weird thing is the Cisco VPN client says it is connected on the second and third laptops, it even seems to recieve a valid IP.  However I cant ping any servers on the network or access any network resources like I can on the first connection.  I spoke with the techs on the other side of the VPN and they inform me that they only see the 1st VPN connection.

I have currently created a VPN rule that is "allow--all protocols-internal>external-all users" to insure that its not a port being blocked.

Any and all help greatly appreciated!
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jrouilleConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Turned out to be bad configuration on the Cisco router of the recieving side of the VPN.  Router was only allowing 1 IPSec ESP connection at a time.
Change This Role ( "allow--all protocols-internal>external-all users") to ( "allow--all protocols-VPN Clients>Internal-all users")
jrouilleAuthor Commented:
I already have that Access Rule as well, however that is for incoming VPNs.  My problem is that no more than 1 outgoing Cisco VPN can connect at a time.
jrouilleAuthor Commented:
Anyone else that can offer some help?
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