Will this method of upgrading SBS 2003 work easily?

I have SBS 2003 running on a Dell Machine.  I would like to transfer it to a faster, newer machine.

I was wondering if I could just transfer the hard drives.  Since I'm going from Dell to Dell, I am hoping that the authentication will work without crashing the machine at startup.  I have the authentication code.

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Mark DamenConnect With a Mentor ERP System ManagerCommented:
You could try it.....  If it was me, I'd do a complete image of the server install using something like Acronis.  Acronis actually has a universal restore feature, for moving to different hardware.  Even without that, you could try imaging your server to a single hdd, and see if it boots.

After you have an image on the new server, if it doesnt boot then dig out your SBS CDs.  Insert CD1 in the CD drive and run Windows Setup from BIOS.  Once it gets to the first page, press Enter.  Press F8 to accept the license, and then choose the option to Repair.  It will keep all of your settings, but sort out and driver incompatibilites between the old image and new hardware.

BE CAREFUL!! Don't do anything which could cause your original server not to boot!
andrew_aj1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
No, this will not work. These will be two different machines with different hardware. If they were identical it would work. You will need to install Windows Server and transfer over your settings for this to be successful.
Sorry that it is not as easy as you would like it to be.
Good luck.
No matter what you do make sure you backup all your data first just to be safe.
Good luck.
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