Printing preferences being set to default for Terminal Server 2003 clients

Hello, I have recently connected my companys users to a Sharp 3100 color printer. We run our business system on Terminal Server 2003 and I have loaded the Sharp driver on there to allow them to print from their RDP session. I set the Sharp printer preferences to B&W on the print server to reduce the usage of color and those preferences are present on the users local machine when I check it. However, when they are on the RDP session the printing preferences of the Sharp have been reset to their Auto Color settings. Is there a way to have TS 2003 map the printer to their RDP session with the modified B&W default settings? Thank you.
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jmchristyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I was able to solve the problem by using a native B&W 2003 driver and using the Terminal Server printer redirection wizard.
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