Entering data in a form, the form stops auto filling the product description of a product code

I have a DB application that was built inside of Access 2007. All the product codes and descriptions were entered into the database. Yesterday we entered in several records with no problem. Today we tried entering in more records and we cannot get the product code to auto fill the description as it did yesterday. We are baffled and production is stopped for the moment. Can you help us. What would cause this?
RUA Volunteer2?Tableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Asked:
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Chuck WoodCommented:
What was autofilling the description? Was it in code?
RUA Volunteer2?Tableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Author Commented:
I believe it was in code. The guy who was working on it and we were paying him did a Houdini on us and now we seem to be stuck with a non functioning product.
RUA Volunteer2?Tableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Author Commented:
Do you want me to copy the code for you. if so how do I get that out of Access. I will post that for you after.
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Chuck WoodCommented:
Yes, please post the code.
1. With the Form in Design mode, press Alt+F11.
2. Double-click on the Form under Microsoft Office Class Objects in the Project Explorer on the left. (If you don't see the Project Explorer, press Ctrl+R.)
3. In the upper right pane of the window, copy all of the code shown (select all of the code so it is highlighted and press Ctrl+C).
4. Check the Attach Code Snippet check box below and paste the code into the code snippet box that appears.
RUA Volunteer2?Tableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Author Commented:
It was a securtity setting I am sorry. I did not recognize the problem. Thank you for your promptness.
Chuck WoodCommented:
No problem. Good luck with your project.

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RUA Volunteer2?Tableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Author Commented:
I found the solution myself as it was a security issue.
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