Hard Disk Spinning out of control with Event Viewer showing Event IDs of 12292 and 22

My "server" PC that is running Vista Ultimate SP1 and all updates is running sort of goofy. Since the last security updates of 10-15 I just noticed that the Hard Disk (in a RAID Stripe) are spinning away. In looking at the event viewer (Which I have screen snippits attached) there are several Event ID Errors of 12292 and 22.

I have found some reference to using Net Stop VSS and Net stop swprv and then running several REGSVR32 commands in the system32 folder. I have already attempted this and it has not helped.
Some of the directions include additional steps of checking the registry paths here:


The appID is correct as is the subfolder InprocServer32.  BUt I am missing the \ProgID and \VersionIndependentProgID

When I tried to create these it said I didnt have permission. My account is an Admin account. I have UAC off.

Please see the JPGs I attached for any reference.
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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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EE Admin
Go to: Control Panel -> System and Maintenance -> System and in the left side, click "System Protection".

Here there is a list of hard drives with checkboxes by each, the checkbox indicates that System Restore is enabled for that volume. Uncheck all the volumes and confirm.

Restart your computer and let us know the results.
JasqidAuthor Commented:
I had already done this... and all my drives (partitions) are unchecked. I have also used the Disk Cleanup and removed files. I also used the More Option tab and removed SYstem Restore and shadow copies.

These two errors are all that make up my event viewer log for APPLICATIONS
So if you open up the services applet and stop the VSS service, go in its properties, set its startup type to "Disabled", and restart the computer what happens?
JasqidAuthor Commented:
I corrected the problem. After some additional reading on this CLSID and poking in the registry. This was from StorageCraft's ShadowCopy that I was running and un-installed. (Had stability problems with it and went back to Vista BackUp).

The uninstaller left this and a few other references in the registry. I searched through and deleted these references. After reboot, the Event log is clean!
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