Email is incoming but I dont see it

I can see in Outlook the percentage and the number of emails that are incoming bit in the Inbox they dont show up. Then after it is finshed with that I get an error messagewith the code 0x80004060c.
I am not in front of the PC. It is at a customers office. I am trying find out why this happening and how to fix this. The .pst file is almost 2 gb in size. I tried moving some of the older emails to a new folder named Old Emails but it wouldnt let me.

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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello bbbb2,

There is no such error message 0x80004060c.  Did you copy the correct number?

What Outlook version are you using?  

If using version 2002 or earlier, it does have a 2 GB limit on PST.  Moving emails out to other folders do not reduce the size.  You need to compact the PST file.

If no joy, the PST file may be corrupt.  Repair Corrupted Outlook PST File
Outlook Recovery Toolbox

Hope this helps!
Is there any error in some rule?
bbbb2Author Commented:
What the problem is is his pst file is almost 2 gb and cant receive any maore email until he frees up some space in the file. I had him run the compression tool and then went to properties in his deleted items folder and turn off the archive and have the deleted items go straight off the hard drive. When he did that at least he could delete some of his emails in his inbox. Is that about the only way to do it without upgrading to a newer version?

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Bobby, glad your client is able to use his PST.  If he is using Outlook 2003 or higher, have user create a new PST file in unicode (2003) format, and open it up as another Personal Folders.  Then drag emails and contacts to new folder. Make the new folder the default folder.
bbbb2Author Commented:
I thought I responded to this answer earlier but I see its not on here. Here's my follow up to your answer. He is using Office XP. I dont remember what year or version that is. Is it 2002 or 2003? The other problem I have is the PC is at his office, not mine. What I am trying to do is gather all the info I need from my office and when I get there I can fix his problem. I can always come to this site when I am at his office and read so of the solutions posted on the topic and/or question, and click on links that I might need to download programs that compress that pst file or the repair Outlook tool I saw posted.
So if someone could answer and/or link me to programs that i might need to download and run or links to websites I might need to read. I think I might have all the links that I need from war1. Just the question about what year or version is Office XP.

bbbb2Author Commented:
Thanks for the answers and the links

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