Function + Arrow no longer skips tracks in iTunes

I reinstalled iTunes on my Lenovo Thinkpad yesterday. (I also ran a registry cleaner for the first time on this system.)
Before reinstalling, I could skip tracks when iTunes was minimized by holding down the Fn key and clicking the right arrow.

This doesn't work anymore. I've insured that iTunes is still the default for all music files.
The function key still works for other things.

Lenovo support was no help.

How do I fix this?

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bishop3000Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi DJDecay,
I really appreciate your help.
I ended up reinstalling Vista for other reasons...that fixed this problem.  The function key does work now with the latest version of iTunes.

I bet resinstalling the Lenovo FN-key drivers would have fixed the problem too. I'll try that if it happens again.

Thanks again,
When you reinstalled the program, you've prob a - changed versions from iTunes 7 to iTunes 8

According to a photo I found the Lenovo arrow keys send
Rewind, Forward, Stop and Play commands ala "Windows Media" through their driver.

However I-Tunes next/previous track could be controlled with just right or left arrows or ctrl+left - ctrl+right

Also you may want to examine Control Pannel / Keyboard Settings and the
new shortcuts in the in the iTunes "Controls Menu" they should be listed next to the options like "Next, Previous, Stop, Play"

bishop3000Author Commented:
Thanks DJDecay,
Using only the left or right arrows (or with control) only works when iTunes is the active window. I'd like to switch tracks when a different window is active.

I did switch to iTunes 8 the same day I ran the registry cleaner.

You're right--Function + arrow does currently work for Media Player. But I'm certain it worked for iTunes before my computer-cleaning day.

iTunes is the default for all formats it can run.

No luck with Control Panel / Keyboard Settings (it didn't have options for this sort of thing).
Also no luck changing settings within iTunes ('Enable full keyboard navigation' was checked)..

Any other ideas?
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1. Try downgrading to iTunes 7.6 etc...

2. Try reloading the FN-Key drivers for IBM once I tunes is allready installed.
 (I'm sure it has a resident program that captures those keys and send them to the "relevant" application)

Here is a historical download link. You can update it up to 7.7

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