Alpha 5 V9 security /shadow copy creation.

If the Enter Records right is set to deny for a group, on a table in Alpha 5 V9, any user belonging that group will receive Permission Denied error during shadow copy creation. If the user is removed for the group and thus granted the Enter Records right to the table, the shadow is created successfully.

1. Alpha 5 V9 runtime with the latest patches
2. Security set to Enable; Each user has his own account, Use Windows logon, and Domain Name is set.
3. Default mode security is set to Grant
4. Security works correctly when connecting directly to the master DB (no shadow copy)
5. Attempting to create shadow with bootstrap app
6. Test user has Administrative right to both the Network Share and local computer
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JAVidmarConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Resolved by aplication patch.
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