Envelopes printing symbols with Vista and Office 2007

One of our computers has Vista and Office 2007 installed.  When trying to print an envelope to our HP 4200 it prints out random symbols/characters instead of the actual address.  I had this issue with XP and I was able to fix it by changing one of the settings for the printer to enable "Send truetype as graphics."  I don't have that same option with Vista.  I'm running Vista and Office 2007 on mine and don't seem to have an issue printing and our settings appear to be the same.  Any ideas?
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AaogConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hey.  We just had the same problem here where I work.  I think I've fixed it.  I looked around the net and found someone who said to change the font to Arial or some other trutype font.  I did that and it did print fine.  But, even when I tried to set Arial as default, it would not stick.  It would revert back to "+heading" or whtever font it was stuck on every time I clicked to make a new envelope.  Eventually I decided Microsoft was being mean and I tried that new calibri font they have in Word 2007.  I set that to default (by clicking on the options in Envelope window and changing the font to what I wanted then clicking the default button.)  I changed it for both send and return addresses.  This stuck once I used calibri (size 12).  Either way, changing the font should eliminated the random characters.  (we are using an HP 4200 also).

If you still have trouble, let us know.  We might be able to hep out more.
KathyO75Author Commented:
Thanks!  That did seem to work.  Before that I had switched the font default to Arial from "+heading" but it still was printing the random characters.  I just switched it to Calibri it seems to be working.  Thanks for the info.
We had this same issue at our agency. The fix for us was to change the driver on the print server from PCL 5 to PCL 6.
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