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What is the code for System Menu Highlight for Back Color on a property on a control on a form?

I am using Access 2007 and need to use VBA code to change the back color on a label to "System Menu Highlight".

This fails:  Me.lblBondNum.BackColor = "System Menu Highlight" if I use the string. Is there a code/number to use for System Menu Highlight, so I can set the property?
1 Solution
These are the system color values I know.

-2147483648      Scroll bar color
-2147483647      Desktop color
-2147483646      Color of the title bar for the active window
-2147483645      Color of the title bar for the inactive window
-2147483644      Menu background color
-2147483643      Window background color
-2147483642      Window frame color
-2147483641      Color of text on menus
-2147483640      Color of text in windows
-2147483639      Color of text in caption, size box, and scroll arrow
-2147483638      Border color of active window
-2147483637      Border color of inactive window
-2147483636      Background color of multiple-document interface (MDI) applications
-2147483635      Background color of items selected in a control
-2147483634      Text color of items selected in a control
-2147483633      Color of shading on the face of command buttons
-2147483632      Color of shading on the edge of command buttons
-2147483631      Grayed (disabled) text
-2147483630      Text color on push buttons
-2147483629      Color of text in an inactive caption
-2147483628      Highlight color for 3-D display elements
-2147483627      Darkest shadow color for 3-D display elements
-2147483626      Second lightest 3-D color after vb3DHighlight
-2147483625      Color of text in ToolTips
-2147483624      Background color of ToolTips

You can also use the object browser (F2) and search the VBA library for SystemColorConstants.

I don't see anything that looks like  System Menu Highlight, but you can try the value of "Background color of items selected in a control" , -2147483635.


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