IE Cookies need to persist through reboot

I have a HP t5730 running Windows XPe with IE7 installed (factory). We have a program that runs through IE and needs to have a cookie saved on the unit. The problem is that the cookies are dumped after every reboot because the default location is on the Z drive which is ramdisk. When I try to change the location of the Cookie Shell Folder or Cache Shell Folder in:
HKU\(userid)\Software\MIcrosoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders\
The next time I open IE, it will change right back to the Z drive. This is even with the EWF disabled.
I just need to save one cookie and let it persist through reboots.

The registry change worked on the t5720 models that we have but they are also running IE6. I don't kow if this is an IE7 issue or a t5730 issue.

Does anyone have any ideas how to change the cookies folder in IE7? (Moving the Cache folder does not redirect the cookie folder.)
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sooper_rebelConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I finally found the fix on my own...
With IE6 you could change the shell folders registry values to the path and they would save, however, in IE7, apparently you must change the user shell folders and it will overwrite whatever vlue is in the shell folders value.

For reference,
HKU\(userid)\Software\MIcrosoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders\

From here you can change the path to the cookies and cache folders.

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sooper_rebel--A program such as CCleaner will allow you to keep one cookie and delete all the rest.  See  especially post #2
There are other programs that will permit this
sooper_rebelAuthor Commented:
Hey jcimarron- The cookie is automatically deleted by IE on reboot because the cookies are being saved to RAMDISK. I don't think CCleaner will prevent IE from deleting it.
Hi sooper rebel,

I have the exact same problem as you did but I am unable to resolve.  I followed your directions on the registry but unable to resolve
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