Pop up when i refresh the page

i am working in classic asp.
when i refresh page i am getting pop up saying
"To display the webpage again, Internet Explorer needs to resend the
information you've previously submitted.
If you were making a purchase, you should click the Cancel to avoid a
duplicate transaction. Otherwise, clidck Retry to display the webpage again."

please let me know how to avoid this pop up .with out pop up i need to refresh.
i am using classic asp.
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You can remove it changing the configuration in the IE. But other users must to do the same thing

You cannot remove that with ASP or other languaje

Here is the solution only for you

1. Right-click My Computer and choose Properties.
2. Click the Advanced tab on your System Properties dialog box.
3. Click the Error Reporting button on the Advanced tab.
4. Place a checkmark next to "Disable error reporting."
5. Leave the other radio button unchecked next to the text labeled, "But notify me when critical errors occur."
6. Click OK.
I've a question, maybe is not my concern, but, why you want to refresh the page?
Maybe you can do another solution??
Let me know and I can help you
Thats not an ASP issue - thats the browser telling you that the page your viewing is using variables.  It is not specific to ASP, its all webpages where variables are passed.  You can turn off the warning in your browser, but you can't disable it per-se in the code because this is a browser thing, not a code thing.

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