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Does anyone have any idea what transLog directory is in Actuate ?
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Micheal_MaleAuthor Commented:
Secondly. Everytime I try to restart the actuate server through the UI I get an error message Translog cannot be found. If I create a dummy file trans001.log under /home/actuate8/AcServer/encyc/transLog and then restart the server through the UI I get an error message Log file is corrupt.

Can anyone point me what can I do to make my Actuate server come online again ?
Micheal_MaleAuthor Commented:
Some log entries
 Application Description =  Actuate iServer 8
 Trying to acquire application lock: /home/actuate8/AcServer/encyc/transLog/db.lck
 Starting application lock monitor thread...
 Acquired application lock: /home/actuate8/AcServer/encyc/transLog/db.lck
 FATAL ERROR: Encyclopedia Data Store Exception 1050: Log file is corrupt, Source File: logSegment.cpp, Line: 159. OS Error Co
de: 2
 Fatal Encyclopedia Database Error 1050: Log file is corrupt, Source File: logSegment.cpp, Line: 159.  Task: Opening or Creati
ng the Encyclopedia Database
 Begin stopping encyclopedia engine, grace period: 0
 Done stopping encyclopedia engine
 AcEncycEngFacade::StopAndDropVolume - Stop done.
 Begin dropping volume data store
 Trying to release application lock: /home/actuate8/AcServer/encyc/transLog/db.lck
 Exiting application lock monitor thread...
 Released application lock: /home/actuate8/AcServer/encyc/transLog/db.lck
 Volume data store closed
 Done dropping volume data store
 AcEncycEngFacade::StopAndDropVolume - DropVolume done.
 Logging server exception ...
 Error code: 1050
 Error description: Log file is corrupt
 Parameter: 2
 AcViewServerManager::StaticMainLoop, stopping main loop...
 Reactor loop exiting
 AcProcess::Kill: kill existing process, pid: 1523846

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As you have probably realised, the translog is a critical component of the iServer database. The iServer database stores all the information about users, jobs, report documents, access privileges, etc. in your volume (files are held separately in the OS file system).

If you have lost your translog, you will need to contact Actuate Support to have them assist you in repairing your iServer database. Depending on what state your iServer was in at the point when the file was lost, you may lose some data. If you have not taken a backup of the files you still have intact, DO SO IMMEDIATELY!
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Micheal_MaleAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comment. Actually that is my main problem. We do not have Actuate support anymore. Thank God this happened in Development box not in production and i am just banging my head on how to solve it without contacting Actuate Support(Since 8.0 is not supported for our company anymore).

I got the transLog file from production and copied under /home/actuate8/AcServer/encyc/transLog but still no success. Is there any other work around to solve this issue other than contacting Actuate Support ?.

Lastly i am not an expert in Actuate but i have read some books and getting used to it. So any help will be really appreciated.
Micheal_MaleAuthor Commented:
So this is what i did and the solution worked fine. Hope this will help everyone else also. I deleted everything from transLog folder and copied the master.dat and dbowner.lck from the previous version of actuate and transferred it to the current version.

Restarted the server and boom everything worked fine.

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Micheal_MaleAuthor Commented:
The problem was with one of the missing file in Actuate server. Got the file and everything works fine.
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