is their a difference between the ddr sdram pc2700u-25330 and the pc2700 memory could i use the pc2700 with the pc2700u-=25330??

Im Running an apple server with mac os sytem and was wanting to do a memroy upgrade. The memory that is currently installed is 2 512mb sticks of ddr sdram pc2700U-25330. I was wondering if i could use ddr sdram pc2700 1gb version in place of the 512MB
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Please count the number of chips on the modules, I believe "U" stands for un-buffered

But if both the 512 and 1024 modules have 8 or 16 chips on them you're okay.
If they have 9 and 18 ( 9 on each side) it's also ok.

If the prior have 9 per side while the new ones 8, you may have issues.

Also look at the voltage for the 512 and the 1024 chips and CAS latency numbers

2-3-3-5 looks like CAS marking.

While the other one does not have it.
Find out what those are for the latter DDR 2700 ram.

If the 1GB modules work. I'd suggest pulling the 512 pair out as they are differrent.
You'll have 2GB instead of 3. But more stable 2GB is better than unstable 3GB

You will need to use 2700u if that is what came with the system. This shouldn't be too expensive considering that the ram can be found on Newegg for next to nothing.

Here is a knowledge base search from Apple that says that the RAM is supposed to be 2700 DDR, however being apple it doesn't specify the type other than DDR 2700.

If you could please provide more information about the system that you are using it with and the OSX version that you are using and I might be able to help you out more with the issue.
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