dot under file name on network share

Hi.  I have one Mac user (graphic designer) in my windows 2003/XP pro shop.  He creates a pdf using acrobat std v.9 and posts it to a Windows network share.  The attached screenshot shows a dot under the Character A on some of the file names.  (look at the 3rd and 6th files on the scrnsht) My users are unable to open these files (only these few files) in acrobat reader.  Anyone have ideas on what is causing this?  I'm slowly rolling out PDF X-viewer on my machines. Would that allow us to open?  Unfortunately, he already took the images down and is working from his end so I can't test further...  
thanks in advance...
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Did you try to rename them ?

I hope this helps !
This is a special UNICODE character, so Your Mac designer has installed an internationalized screenset, this unicode character is not being properly interpreted by the application, hence you may get a _file not found error_

Check the MAC OS keyboard layout, or the script that is saving these. This A with a dot under it is not a real letter A but another character.

Numerous cases of inter-operability issues occur if you use special character sets or non US-ANSI/ASCII keyboard layouts and then save files with those characters in them.

Is OK to have these characters in the documents, but once they end up in the filesystems, esp cross-platform filesystems this is where you'll have problems.

I bet the message the PDF-X viewer is giving you is either file not found or some other.

valmaticAuthor Commented:
Like I said, they took it down beore I could even see it so all I have to go on is this screen shot...  I'll mention that though and let you know...  They don't have a clue what would have caused it either.   I guess that's what I'm really looking for...  Is it a mac formatting issue?  /shrug
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ALSO try to eliminate commas, blank spaces and real long and descriptive filenames from your work flow. It does not help.

Sales_Drawings is equivalent to "Sales Drawings" but does not have to be escaped in certain scripts, programs and others. Try to stick with filenames under 31 characters long.

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Is there any reason for your Mac user to use an internationalized code page/keyboard layout, like is he/she bilingual?

valmaticAuthor Commented:
thanks a bunch DJ - exactly what I was looking for
It is not a Mac formatting issue. It is a file naming issue.
valmaticAuthor Commented:
No but that user is a tinkerer and I don't lock down his mac like the rest of my pcs so that is most likely the answer.  thanks for the help...
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