Mailer Daemon Undeliverable Mail: Receiving thousands of these on one email account. Non Exchange environment and it follows the email address not the PC.

I have a couple of email addresses that are getting thousands of emails that read: Mailer Daemon@....   Undeliverable Message.  There seems to be a pattern in the subject line with only 2 variations after the Undeliverable Message part.  I tried deleting the users email account and re-adding as well as take his old PC off the network and setup his email on a new PC but he's still receiving thousands of these emails an hour.  I'm sure it's spoofing but how do I get these emails account to work again or are they a lost cause?
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These emails are bounces from a spam wave somewhere in the internet. Since the NDR-messages are legitimate emails from legitimate mailservers it will be hard to filter those messages without also filtering legitimate bounces if one of your users with the problematic account misspells an email address.
Just wait. The worst part will stop in some hours. Then you might just have a few more bounces for 1-2 days, but certainly not as many as now.
Coopsys282Author Commented:
Should I delete that email account forever?  Or can I use it after the wave?  It's pretty much taking down my entire company email.

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