How do I setup VM's on a FreeBSD ver 6.2 box?

We are looking to install VM's to our FreeBSD ver 6.2 box and we are not sure how to do it.  Plus, we need to know what software to use.
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freebsd does not have a "GOOD" vm tool that can be installed such that FreeBSD is the HOST OS.

Here are your choice, such as they are.....:

1) convert a box to linux, and run vmware on that.
2) FreeBSD jails allows you to jail other FreeBSD sessions inside a chroot like environment.  (jails are part of FreeBSD core and you can find information on them in the offical FreeBSD handbook)
3) qemu with the kernel accelerator module (kqemu) runs well on FreeBSD, but it seems slow as it emulates a reduced capability cpu. speed is noticibly slower than when the same equipment ran linux and vmware.
4) a very old version of vmware has been ported to FreeBSD and is available in the ports setup, but I wouldnt recommend that for a production enviroment.

future efforts:
work is ongoing to port xen to FreeBSD to allow FreeBSD to run xen as dom0 (currently netbsd is the only *bsd that can run xen as dom0)
there are several people working on porting the new vmware to FreeBSD.

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