Restore Primary Database From Log Shipping TRN Files?

Hello, we are looking for a way to back up transaction logs on an hourly basis and have them moved to a different location after completed (to save disc space on the Primary server). We are considering Log Shipping. Is it possible to use the Log Shipping files to restore the PRIMARY database in event of disaster? We would not set up a stand-by, SECONDARY server, instead we would just use Log Shipping as a mode to make TRN backups and move them to another server for storage. Can someone tell me if this is possible/not recommended/provide explanation?

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MohammedUConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, it is can move them to free up some space but make sure you test your backups frequently don't wait until the day of restore for recovery of failed primary server...
Hi, I would suggest database mirroring instead of log shipping. Much better and safe.
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