missing driver for wireless card in laptop

i installed XP on a friend of mine's laptop

I found all the drivers on Toshiba's website

In Device Manager, everything is good. no ! or x

I'm pretty sure I have the right driver.  

I also ran the Toshiba diagnostic and said all the hardware was fine.

I'm using the Windows Wireless software and when I try to view available networks, nothing shows up.

I'm 2 feet away from my wirless router too.

Error keeps saying "no driver installed" even though it is

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yoyoma788Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I actually took the annoying way out and removed the internal wireless card.  It was some generic no name card.  I replaced it with an Intel wireless card, and it came right up.  

Thanks for all the help
try re-installing driver...and also make sure you at least have service pack 2, service pack 3 even better...
So you've installed this:

Intel(R) 802.11a/b/g,b/g Driver V10.5.1.59/V9.0.4.17 & PROSet V10.5.0.1


And you've checked to confirm that the wireless NIC is Enabled in Network Neighborhood and that the wireless radio is turned on?
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If you installed the driver package souseran's link goes to, it's probably using the PRO/set connection manager, not windows wireless zero configuration (WZC) service.

Did you install the chipset drivers?  - http://cdgenp01.csd.toshiba.com/content/support/downloads/ta3chipx.exe

Fn+F8 toggles the WiFi Antenna on and off... does pressing that key combination once do anything?
(If I recall, it pops up a message when it turns off the antenna, but not when it turns it back on.)
yoyoma788Author Commented:
I tried all these suggestions, except for installing SP3

I'm leaning towards a hardware problem but its weird that it show up in Device manager.  I also ran the diagnostics that came with the laptop and said the NIC, wireless card are both working.


Try configuring the wireless network with the Intel Pro wireless software instead of using the Windows Wireless software as Darr247 suggested. What happens then?
> I'm leaning towards a hardware problem but its weird that it show up in Device manager.

If you have the antenna turned off, or if it's disconnected, the card will appear in Device Manager with no errors, but you won't find any available networks.

Also, in the Advanced button on the Wireless Networks tab, if you have it set to only connect to ad-hoc networks (see arrow in attached), no access point (infrastructure) networks will show up in View Available Wireless Networks (it should be either on the center or top selection).
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